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Building intelligent cloud infrastructure


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Integrated networking telemetry, monitoring and analytics are spawning a new era of networking innovation

The explosion of cloud services and products is putting new demands on networks and infrastructure to scale and support high-availability applications. To improve application performance in the cloud, networks need to be optimized to adapt to changing application demands and cloud networking configurations. This means in order to build automation and fault-tolerant technologies, large amounts of data – both real-time and passive – are needed to fuel the analytics software that can facilitate network automation.

Telemetry monitoring is allowing more sophisticated analytics and automation models to be built, as well as driving that network automation by gathering diverse and multi-sourced data. Is your data center ready for the new era of cloud networking?

In this paper:

Telemetry 101

The differences in how telemetry monitoring is paving the way towards the new era of open networking


Why network visibility is the foundation of network intelligence

Open networking

How Cumulus Networks is facilitating network visibility through open ecosystems and enabling data telemetry