NVIDIA adds to SONiC momentum

NVIDIA adds to SONiC momentum

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NVIDIA adds to SONiC momentum

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Learn how NVIDIA is boosting the market with pure SONiC


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NVIDIA and SONiC together deliver the best of open networking

NVIDIA has been a leading contributor to SONiC since its inception, providing deep networking, open-source and Linux expertise to uniquely support the successful adoption of SONiC for our customers. Today, NVIDIA offers pure SONiC that is community developed, publicly available and 100% open-sourced and includes full NVIDIA QA cycles, professional services, technical documentation, training and most importantly, full commercial support of the entire stack from ASIC to Protocol.

Download this thought leadership report from Futuriom to learn how NVIDIA continues to boost the market with pure SONiC. By stepping up as a key leader in support of the SONiC community, NVIDIA and SONiC together are delivering the best of what open networking has to offer.

Key takeaways from this report:

Hyperscale cloud

The SONiC networking operating system (NOS) is key to delivering hyperscale cloud through containerized and vendor-agnostic features

Large-enterprise adopters

Ebay, Comcast, Target, and other companies are following the lead of service providers and using SONiC to scale and automate network functions

Boosted with NVIDIA

NVIDIA, the industry expert in Linux networking and FRR, accelerate open networking with community developed and 100% open-sourced pure SONiC