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As organizations grow and adapt to the digital age, networks must deliver richer application experiences to customers and connect more and more users. Agility is required in order to deliver compelling, brand-building, revenue-generating experiences. If there's ever a connection problem, the impact is significant and troubleshooting often requires manual, box-by-box intervention. There needs to be a better way.

Luckily, Cumulus NetQ addresses these issues of network complexity and performance reliability. Cumulus NetQ reduces network operational headache by providing actionable insight into every trace and hop in the network — from the container, virtual machine, or host, all the way to the switch and port. And now with Cumulus NetQ 1.3, we have full support and integration with Kubernetes container deployments!

Watch our webinar on demand and learn more about Cumulus NetQ including:

  • Preventative validation which validates network behavior on a per-pod basis using check, show and trace algorithms
  • Proactive alerting which sends real-time alerts to users to notify of any network state deviation or packet loss
  • Full diagnostic troubleshooting which can trace network paths to replay the network at any point in time 

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