Expand your skillset with Linux networking basics

All the resources you need to learn Linux for networking

Linux is the language of the data center, but in the past, the network has been siloed — running on proprietary software while the rest of the data center is standardized. With Linux networking, you can standardize your entire data center on Linux, reap the cost and efficiency benefits of disaggregation, and take your business innovation to the next level. 

The future of data center networking is disaggregated and open — and Linux is the way to get there. Although network engineers and sysadmins accumulate a wealth of knowledge and certifications, there's often a gap for using Linux in the data center network. We make it easy for you to up your networking skills by combining all of our free resources on the topic — both short and long — in one place.  

If you're ready to brush up your Linux and Linux data center networking skills, you're in the right place. This page contains resources covering the history of Linux, how a Linux operating system can streamline your network and how to actually deploy and operate your Linux network. We even have a definite guide to Linux in the data center that will walk you through the language in the data center from start to finish. Whether you're completely new to Linux or just looking to brush up your skills, you can choose from a variety of Linux networking resources to help you transform your data center. 

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