Your entire network fabric in real-time

Your entire network fabric in real-time

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Your entire network fabric in real-time

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Cost of 1 hour of downtime: $1M

Modern networks are becoming increasingly complex. Network visibility and troubleshooting are now difficult and time consuming. NVIDIA® Cumulus NetQ’s telemetry-based fabric validation system ensures your data center network is not another downtime statistic.

NetQ’s highly-scalable continuous closed loop network validation system unveils actionable insights and operational intelligence about the health of your Linux-based data center by validating fabric-wide network correctness within a DevOps workflow.

In addition, NetQ combines the ability to easily upgrade, configure and deploy network elements with a full suite of operations capabilities, such as visibility, troubleshooting, validation, trace and comparative look-back functionality.

Don’t be another downtime statistic. Try NVIDIA® Cumulus in the Cloud now to experience how NetQ brings web-scale efficiencies to network operations.

How NVIDIA® Cumulus NetQ works:

Gain real-time intelligence

Correlate configuration and operational status, instantly identify and track state changes for your entire data center

Diagnose root causes

Trace network paths, replay the network state at a time in the past, review fabric-wide event change logs and diagnose the root cause of state deviation

Streamline operations

The rich, GUI-based interface simplifies upgrades and configurations while increasing efficiency by quickly highlighting issues and alerts