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Our mission

We are in the age of digital transformation. Businesses are prioritizing speed, quality and agility in their data centers in order to keep up with booming growth. But these same businesses are tethered to infrastructure that’s complex, proprietary and difficult to scale.

85% of decision makers said they were still several years away from reaching the full potential of digital transformation, mainly due to their legacy infrastructure.1

It’s time for a change in data center networking. It’s time to give it some S.O.U.L — simple, open, untethered, Linux. That's where Cumulus Networks comes in.

1 "IT teams struggle with digital transformation skills". Help Net Security. April 28, 2017.

1000+ customers around the globe
1/3 of the Fortune 50
75% more efficient

Our impact

Lower TCO

Unlock choice

Automate end to end

Get insight from host to switch

S.O.U.L networking with Cumulus Networks brings a new paradigm to the data center. By making the network simple, open, untethered and Linux-based, organizations set themselves up for all the benefits of web-scale networking. You’ll be able to build a modern data center that’s future-proofed and optimized for the digital age.

Athena Health

increase in Op Efficiency

"We've gone from 45 minutes to rack a switch to three and the switch can be up in less than an hour."


reduction in CapEx

"With open networking we can now provision, manage and support our entire technology stack using the same tools and expertise. We are quite happy to see the networking domain catching up with servers."


reduction in CapEx

"Making the best use of the openness of Cumulus Linux, we are running Kubernetes, Calico, Docker and GoBGP on top of ToR switches, which enables high flexibility and low operational cost."

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