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Jumpstart 2020

Escape the year of hindsight with this open networking starter kit

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The ultimate digital transformation guide

  • Survey results on the current state of open networking
  • A guide to prepare your data center for digital transformation
  • A webinar on how to “start small” with open networking
  • A comprehensive booklet on the basics of Linux Networking

It’s the new year — a time to reflect on goals both accomplished and forgotten, laugh about them and then plan for the next.

Often the goals that make our new year’s resolutions list are the ones we didn’t get around to accomplishing, which is why we’ve dubbed 2020 “The Year of Hindsight.”

Whether or not trying an open networking solution was on your resolution list in 2019 (or 2018), learn from hindsight and make your 2020 resolution a modern network redesign. This open networking starter kit will enable you to do today what you’ve been thinking about doing tomorrow.

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