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Get started with the Nutanix Collection

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Purpose built solutions for enterprise HCI workloads

Offering end-to-end solutions at all layers of software and hardware. NVIDIA combines the benefits of NVIDIA®️ Mellanox Spectrum® based switches, the industries leading performing ASIC, with the latest network operating system advances including NVIDIA®️ Cumulus Linux and NVIDIA®️ Mellanox Onyx®, offering choice and flexibility while removing restrictions.

Download the free Nutanix Collection and gain access to in-depth resources to help you begin developing your intelligent hyper-converged data center.

What comes in the collection

Technical solution

Learn how NVIDIA and Nutanix work together to enhance the scalability and simplicity of enterprise cloud networks

Webinar + Whitepaper

Nutanix workloads become easily scalable with NVIDIA Ethernet networking solutions

Business benefits paper

Deliver a truly unified enterprise cloud experience across the entire IT fabric, from a private cloud on-premises, to a public cloud, or remote data recovery (DR) site