Old v. New

Build a network for the modern age

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You’re always “future-proofing” your network. Whether you’re tossing, transitioning or upgrading your current infrastructure, your network is constantly evolving based on your company’s ever-growing demands. To keep up, you need a data center network that is simple, open, resilient, agile, scalable and operationally efficient. In a word — modern.

Cumulus Linux is the foundation for modern data center networks. By leveraging open technologies, you can build an agile and responsive network that can scale with your business.

Whether you’re still at the precipice of building an open, modern network, or  you’re already on that path and looking for best practices, watch our on-demand webinar. Open networking experts Justin Betz (Technical Marketing Engineer) and Scott Ciccone (Senior Director of Product Marketing) will conduct a deep dive into both legacy and open network infrastructures: where they’ve been, where they’re going and what the future of networking will actually look like.