Open Source is in our DNA

When Cumulus was founded, virtually every data center was proprietary and engineers saw no other options. It was in this landscape that our company was born. Our mission remains to disaggregate every network so that businesses can leverage any software and hardware together. We believe this allows businesses to create better, faster networks.

Read our open source philosophy to find out precisely where we stand in the open source community (that is, right in the heart and S.O.U.L. of it), view our regular contributions, and learn how we leverage open source.

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of organizations have an open source software program
or have plans to establish one.

Open source programs are rapidly growing for three core reasons

Light Bulb

Greater trust in the open source community

Window Flash

Increase your developer agility and speed


Open doors to better license compliance

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Let’s wade out a little farther…

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Technical Blog

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OSS Page
"Open source programs were popularized by internet scale companies to improve engineering efficiency and influence software ecosystems important to their business."

— Chris Aniszczyk // Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The bottom line

Open source is in Cumulus’ DNA and it always will be. From the beginning, we were built on open source and we continue to contribute regularly.

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