OpenStack and Cumulus Linux Validated Design Guide | Cumulus Networks

Streamlining operations with OpenStack and Cumulus Linux

Deploying OpenStack with network switches running Cumulus software

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OpenStack has rapidly become the standard for both Service Providers and Enterprises looking to build their own cloud environment. The ability to leverage open software solutions and whiteboxed, industry-standard hardware has driven this adoption and helped organizations dramatically cut CapEx and OpEx. 

Cumulus Networks is a Linux-based network operating system that makes it easy and economical to deploy, configure and manage OpenStack environments because the entire stack now runs Linux. The networking and compute components speak the same language and do not require complex APIs or networking CLIs. Admins are now able to configure and manage the entire stack with tools like Ansible, Puppet and Chef.

Download our comprehensive Validated Design Guide to learn how to design, implement and deploy RDO OpenStack with network switches running Cumulus Linux. You'll get a step-by-step guide as well as best practice recommendations to guarantee a successful deployment.