Cumulus Networks returns to OpenStack Summit

Cumulus Networks is a returning sponsor at OpenStack Summit in Berlin! 

Join the people who are building and operating open infrastructure, with over 200 sessions and workshops on Container Infrastructure, CI/CD, Telecom + NFV, Public Cloud, Private & Hybrid Cloud and members of open source communities like Kubernetes, Docker, OPNFV, Ansible, Ceph, ONAP, Open vSwitch, and OpenStack. Stop by booth C18 to learn how you can maximize your OpenStack cloud with Cumulus Linux. You'll also have the chance to win some awesome prizes! 

To learn more about how our solution integrates with OpenStack, check out our theater session on day 1 of the event with iNNOVO Cloud. 

Tuesday, November 13th from 12:00 - 12:20

Operating OpenStack on an IP-Fabric 

An IP-Fabric allows you to build reliable, performant underlay network without common L2-issues like spanning-tree, VLANs or port channels. iNNOVO runs OpenStack on a completely automatically deployed IP-Fabric. The underlay network is running BGP with Cumulus Networks. The talk gives a quick overview, explaining the advantages of the IP-Fabric, how we deploy and operate it and how Cumulus Linux can help us.

About the speaker: Jan Walzer is working as an Senior Cloud Architect at iNNOVO Cloud currently focusing on Cloud, OpenStack, storage, network and monitoring. He has built and maintained multiple OpenStack installations in his career, and has worked with Linux for more than 20 years.