Techie's Guide to Ethernet Storage Fabrics

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Techie's Guide to Ethernet Storage Fabrics

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There is a digital data explosion taking place and it isn’t going away. In fact, it’s invigorating the market for new and more efficient data storage solutions, which has opened the door wide for Ethernet to assume the role as the most widely deployed storage fabric.

What are the drivers behind this shift in storage networking, and how do you achieve cost and operational efficiency while meeting the ever-increasing demands for performance and capacity?

Our Techie’s Guide was designed to help you understand the essentials of an Ethernet Storage Fabric and how it can provide business benefits as an underlining storage infrastructure and best performance with RoCE feature sets.

Explore these topics:

Data center disruptors

The industry factors changing storage networking requirements

Ethernet Storage Fabric

Its evolving role, implementation and advantages in storage environments

Networking technologies

Compare storage capabilities, cost benchmarks and more