Lower your TCO by up to 60% with open networking

Lower your TCO by up to 60% with open networking

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Lower your TCO by up to 60% with open networking

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While more than half of technology leaders are interested in adopting more open technology, 70% of companies are beginning to use open networking solutions to modernize their data centers to increase agility and scalability*. This rapid adoption can be attributed to enterprises increasing their need to modernize their data centers, while experiencing reduced IT budgets to address their business needs.

View the report to learn how our customers have saved an average of 45% on CapEx and approximately 74% on OpEx by adopting open networking with NVIDIA® Cumulus. You’ll learn how we modeled our TCO calculator and the actual production path our customers took to build an agile, flexible and economically scalable modern data center.

*Researchscape International surveyed 500+ respondents to uncover the issues most critical to IT decision makers related to networking and the data center.

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Reduce CapEx by 45%

Soften one of the biggest initial investments

Reduce OpEx by 74%

Harness the lion’s share of the budget

Reduce TCO by 60%

Remove any single point of failure