Transforming data center interconnect (DCI) with Voyager

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October 23 at 10 am Pacific

Voyager is the industry’s first open packet-optical transport system, combining dense wavelength multiplexing (DWDM) technology with switching and routing functionality. By unbundling hardware and software, each component can advance independently and deliver even more bandwidth with greater cost efficiency. 

Register for the event to learn more about how Voyager is used & why it's unique. During the session we will discuss: 

  • Versatile DWDM interfaces Software-defined coherent 200G DWDM optics for optimizing capacity vs. reach trade-offs
  • Completely open QSFP28 client ports
  • Fully integrated into ADVA’s open optical-layer FSP
  • Advanced switching and routing
  • Complemented by a high-capacity Layer 2 forwarding engine and Layer 3 routing capabilities with FRR

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