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In the Telecom industry, poor service is not an option. Improve network performance
and operations with Cumulus Networks.

There is no doubt that the telecommunications industry is undergoing tremendous growth and change. The increased mobility of the global population, coupled with the explosion of devices across all consumer groups has increased the need for exceptional customer service. 

As data volumes grow and service expectations remain high, Telco companies can no longer operate with legacy infrastructure. They have to make their businesses customer-adaptive and able to support rapid service delivery. To do so, many telcos are adopting web-scale methodologies in their data centers.

Cumulus Networks is deployed in almost 40% of the Fortune 50 companies. We are the leader in web-scale networking and have helped dozens of Telco providers improve their network operations with our Linux-based network operating system. 

The up front CapEx savings undoubtedly help the bottom line, but it's the long term OpEx savings that provide the most value. Free up your network staff by leveraging automation, and you can focus your resources on innovation and continuous service delivery. 

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