Building scalable multi-tenant cloud data centers

Using EVPN and VXLAN to bring automation and efficiency to the network

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If you're involved in data center networking, you know that overlay networking has been available for a while. However, building a scalable, multi-tenant cloud data center overlay networks using whitebox switches has been more of a mystery. Until now.

Watch our webinar to learn how to build scalable, multi-tenant cloud data centers using controller-less overlays. We'll start with an overview of the top challenges of cloud data center networking, the benefits of using VXLANs as opposed to VLANs for automated self-service networks and a comparison of controller-based versus controller-less overlays. To finish, we'll dive into Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN), a feature offered by Cumulus Networks that provides a scalable, interoperable end-to-end control plane for VXLAN tunnels and a few examples of real-life customer deployments of EVPN with VXLAN.

If you're looking to build a scalable, simple and interoperable data center network, register now for this on-demand webinar to learn the basics of how EVPN and VXLAN can help get you there.  


David Iles

David Iles

Senior Director — Ethernet Switching

Mellanox Technologies

Pete Lumbis

Pete Lumbis

Technical Marketing Engineer

Cumulus Networks