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NVIDIA - Cumulus Linux Virtual Test Drive

Jump in the driver's seat of your network

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CalendarWednesday, July 15 Time1:00 PM ET PresenterAshley Timmons PresenterMike Courtney PresenterBill Webb

Want to learn how to introduce open-sourced networking technologies to your data center but not sure where to start? Join Cumulus, now acquired by NVIDIA, for a free 2 1/2 hour virtual workshop geared towards educating technical professionals on how to use Cumulus Linux and ultimately walk away with the anxiety of the unknown removed.

This is not a sales pitch, but an engaging session with engineering experts who will introduce you to the basics of Cumulus Linux and how to get started building your own open, modern infrastructure. You'll find there's only open road ahead.

All attendees present will be given a $25 eGift Card for lunch. PLUS we'll be raffling a $100 Visa gift card during this event!

monitor-approve Learning Objectives:

  • Cumulus Linux simulation environments
  • L2 and L3 Interface Types
  • Routing and BGP Unnumbered

robot Who should attend:

Heard of Cumulus Linux but haven't used it before? No problem! This webinar is designed for you to try open networking firsthand. You'll walk away confident in your next steps with open networking and ready to begin your journey with us.