NVIDIA® 'Zero to EVPN' Workshop for Lenovo Partners

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CalendarTuesday, March 9 Time10:00 - 14:15 IST PresenterAndreas La Quiante

NVIDIA and Lenovo invite you to a customized virtual workshop “zero to EVPN” to discover how easy it is to use Open Source technologies in your Datacenter. We will build step-by-step, a state-of-the-art Layer 3 Datacenter fabric, specifically an EVPN-VXLAN overlay.

This is not a sales pitch, but an engaging virtual event hosted by our engineering experts. We'll also introduce you to the basics of NVIDIA Cumulus Linux and how to get started building your own open, modern infrastructure.

monitor-approve Agenda:

Theory (10:00-12:00 IST):-

  • NVIDIA Ethernet Switching (HW & SW)
  • Out-Of-Band Management
  • NVIDIA Cumulus Linux simulation options
  • Configuration options (Files and NCLU)
  • Routing Suite (FRR)
  • Interface Types (L2, L3, virtual and physical)
  • MLAG
  • BGP (Unnumbered and EVPN)

Break (12:00-13:00 IST)

Hands-On (13:00-14:15 IST):-

  • Task-00 (Preparing FRR)
  • Task-01 (Configuring Bridge/VLAN, IP addresses, Loopback, and BGP
  • Task-02 (Configuring SVI and VRR)
  • Task-03 (Configuring Layer 2 EVPN)
  • Task-04 (Optional / based on time: Configuring Layer 3 EVPN)

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