Open your eyes to a new way of networking

Cumulus Networks and BeArena bring next-gen data center solutions to companies of all sizes

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Finding the right networking solution for your data center can be a challenge. Network management is a huge component for gaining visibility into your infrastructure and choosing the right solution is a pivotal decision. However, with the increasing adoption of next-generation technology trends (open source, cloud, automation and hyper convergence), it’s hard to determine the best path that works for your business. 

Join Scott Edwards (Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Cumulus) and Sanjith Mohan (Pre-Sales Infrastructure Solutions Architect at BEarena) on Friday September 21 at 10AM Sydney time (Thursday, September 20th at 5 pm PT) to hear why open source technologies are gaining adoption every day, and specifically how Cumulus Networks — built on Linux — is helping organizations to build efficient, affordable data centre network solutions for customers of all shapes and sizes.

BeArena is an IT consultancy working with companies big and small to bring simplicity to their IT requirements. They help companies develop an e-commerce like consumption model for IT infrastructure itself, virtualizing the public and private cloud to allow single click view, management, remediation, in fact all day-to-day operations required by an application hosting platform.

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