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Campus switches play a critical role in today's networked environments, providing end-to-end connectivity within an organization. With the proliferation and sophistication of campus users and IoT devices continuing to grow exponentially, so to do the demands for network reliability and performance.

Campus networks are now undergoing a rapid evolution as they draw inspiration from their data center peers from both a technology and cost perspective.  At the forefront of this evolution is open networking, led by innovation and cost efficiencies that apply equally across data center and campus networks.

Increasingly, data center customers are looking to extend the benefits of open, modern and disaggregated networking to their campus networks. Inspired by their data center peers, these customers are seeking to leverage automation, DevOps practices (Infrastructure-as-Code), and standards-based data center infrastructure including, but not limited to, Clos-based leaf-spine architectures within their campus environments.  Additionally, they want to leverage merchant silicon-based commodity switch hardware alternatives and utilize a single open network operating system.

So it’s at the request of our data center customers that we have entered into the campus network space to allow organizations to apply the same innovation and efficiencies that have occurred over the last decade or more in data center, and apply this to a "Converged Campus".

In particular, large enterprise campus networks are starting to look much like enterprise data centers, primarily fueled by a desire to natively leverage automation, to simplify, and to add much needed flexibility and control to their campus networks.

With this open, modern and disaggregated, standards-based approach to networks, the simplicity and seamless integration with automation tools, and the ability to leverage common tools and best practices across data center, our customers are finding a better, more modern approach to building campus networks with Cumulus Linux. One that is designed with applications of the future in mind.

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