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NVIDIA and Lenovo partnership supports a new era of open networking

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The new networking era is fundamentally different, with a modern, web-scale approach to networking, like Microsoft, Google and other cloud giants, based on open standards and customer choice. NVIDIA and Lenovo with their expanded partnership are uniquely positioned to guide customers into this new era of networking, which is open end-to-end at all layers of software and infrastructure, offering choice and flexibility while removing restrictions.

A partnership for best-in-class HPC, AI systems and data center solutions

Teaming together, Lenovo and NVIDIA networking will deliver a comprehensive Ethernet fabric enabling a new era of accelerated, software-defined network. The data center solutions offer:

  • NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet switches, powered by the industry's highest-performing ASIC, provide superior buffering capabilities, microburst absorption and predictability provide a clear advantage over competing products
  • NVIDIA Cumulus Linux, the most advanced open network operating system that enables advanced automation, customization and scalability.
  • What Just Happened (WJH) switch telemetry technology. WJH provides real-time visibility and actionable details on abnormal network behavior for the fastest and easiest network monitoring, troubleshooting, and problem resolution
  • Simplified deployment & management of network infrastructure with rack-scale, pre-integrated, turnkey solution

Fully Integrated Solutions

Lenovo offers the Mellanox Spectrum switches as part of its integrated solutions which include Hybrid HPC/AI, Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA.

Each solution is a complete platform for digital transformation that can be deployed in your own data center.

The solution lineup includes:


Lenovo now offers NVIDIA open networking. Read the full announcement!

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