Cumulus Networks Open Hardware Program

Program Overview

Adoption of open networking is accelerating as more organizations realize the value of data center networks that enable automation, rapid innovation and affordable capacity. The Cumulus Networks Technology Ecosystem Partner - Open Hardware (OH) program (TEP-OH) is designed to support our open network switching hardware partners as they onboard, determine go to market plans and integrate specific platforms with Cumulus Linux through streamlined and standardized processes.

The Open Hardware program also benefits end customers in two ways:

  • Rapid access to open networking configurations and systems

    The streamlined program and innovative integration framework accelerates the availability of open networking platforms in variety of markets and verticals, which gives customers quick access to different kinds of configurations required for their use cases.
  • Confidence in open networking systems as the program improves supportability

    The program defines the standard requirements for open networking hardware as well as the mandatory validation and testing requirements. This provides a baseline for standard open networking platform

Cumulus Networks unleashes the power of open networking and accelerates its adoption with Cumulus Linux, the operating system for open networking. Modern data centers need great physical networking for layer 2, layer 3 and overlay architectures, with the added benefits of improved economics and a robust ecosystem. Through hardware disaggregation and use of well-known Linux tools, Cumulus Linux and bare metal switches from our extensive hardware compatibility list enable open, responsive and affordable data center networks. Now members of the Open Hardware program can more rapidly bring to market platforms to meet the data center networking needs of customers of all sizes.

Stage 1 — Strategic Synergy

This stage focuses on what’s needed to build a mutually beneficial partnership. Together with the hardware partner, we look at business synergy in terms of markets, differentiation, sales/marketing capabilities and brand, as well as technology synergy from architecture and product standpoint. We’ll also evaluate the process for engineering change notification, new product introduction and support.

Stage 2 — Engagement Models

The main goal of this stage is to decide what is the right business relationship for mutual success. The available business models range from joint-sale all the way to OEM. A specific starting model will be chosen at the completion of this stage.

Stage 3 — Platform Integration

This stage focuses on the process and requirements to integrate Cumulus Linux with hardware platforms. It covers the best practices, architectures, conformance requirements, Time-To-Market and the APD (ACPI Platform Description) process which outlines all the steps required for the integration. This stage also defines the Cumulus Linux Ready certification.

Stage 4 — Joint Go-To-Market

This stage is all about commercial success. It defines the Go-To-Markets requirements, lead generation, joint marketing, sales and channel collaboration, as well as the support collaboration flow.

The OH program provides hardware partners these key benefits:

  • Accelerated time to market

    By following standardized stages and the technical framework outlined in the program, a hardware partner can quickly integrate their platforms with Cumulus Linux.
  • Control of the integration process

    With all the prerequisites clearly captured and the standards-based technical framework, hardware partners now control the integration process at their own pace.
  • New opportunities via a standardized program and process

    Rapid integration enables different types and configurations of open networking platforms, which in turn enable business opportunities in different verticals and markets.

As an Open Hardware program member you will also enjoy a variety of Go-To-Market benefits including a partner listing on the Cumulus Networks program website, access to sales and technical training, joint marketing events, joint product planning, joint sales (or OEM turn-key solution) and much more.

Each integrated platform will be listed on the Cumulus Networks hardware compatibility list at and the hardware partner will be entitled to use our Cumulus® Linux® Ready (CLR) logo in product collateral and on product packaging.