Cumulus Linux Pricing

platform: 1G 10G 25G 40G 100G

1 year


  • Cumulus Linux perpetual license
  • 1-year software updates & support
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3 years


  • Cumulus Linux perpetual license
  • 3-year software updates & support
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5 years


  • Cumulus Linux perpetual license
  • 5-year software updates & support
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Software Updates & Support Renewal


Cumulus Linux is commercially available through a perpetual pricing model, giving customers the right to use Cumulus Linux for the lifetime of the Open Networking hardware it runs on. The costs listed are on a per-switch basis and volume discounts may be available. Contact your sales rep or channel partner for more information.

***Pricing information is only suggested retail pricing for the United States with support services in English. Actual pricing may vary and is subject to change at any time. Please consult an authorized Cumulus Networks channel partner near you for additional information. Taxes are not included in the list price and will vary based on the local country regulations***

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perpetual Licenses

Cumulus Linux is a perpetual license, giving customers the right to use it for the entire duration of the Open Networking hardware it runs on. Combined with the license, customers can purchase Software Updates and Support for 1-, 3-, and 5-year terms.

Yes, customers with existing perpetual licenses can co-term their additional perpetual licenses.

Software Updates & Support

Without an active Software Updates and Support contract, customers will be unable to take advantage of any software updates, upgrades, and security fixes; nor can they contact the Cumulus Networks support team.

Active support gives customers full access to Cumulus Linux updates and our 24/7 enterprise class support team, which are essential to running a mission critical production environment. Software Updates and Support includes:

  • All software upgrades, including major and minor software releases
  • All software updates, including maintenance releases and security patches
  • Technical support

Yes, renewal of lapsed support will take effect retroactively from the day your original term expired.

Example: If a customer’s support expires on June 15 and is renewed on September 1, the support renewal will be retroactively dated June 15.

All licenses purchased for a given project or in a given purchase should have the same Software Updates and Support duration period.

General Questions

No, starting January 18, 2016, we introduced a perpetual licensing model and retired the subscription licensing model.

  • The right to use exists as long as customer owns the networking hardware
  • Aligns with other operating system licensing models
  • Streamlines procurement
  • Saves customers money over the deployment lifetime
  • All new customers must purchase perpetual licenses
  • For all existing customers, we will allow grandfathering, but such customers will be given the opportunity to convert to perpetual licenses at very favorable terms

All current customers can take advantage of perpetual licensing by converting their existing subscription licenses to perpetual licenses.

Grandfathering Policy

  • Existing customers can chose to convert to the perpetual license or continue with their existing subscription licensing

Conversion Policy

  • Conversion may only be made to same switch platform (Example: A 1G subscription converts to a 1G perpetual license only)
  • When converting, all subscription licenses owned by the customer will be converted to perpetual licenses
  • For existing subscription customers, when converting to perpetual licenses exceeds the cost previously paid for subscription will be invoiced for the difference
  • Customers must sign a software destruction agreement (SDA) to complete the conversion

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