Cumulus in the Cloud

Cumulus in the Cloud is a virtual data center where you can evaluate the latest platform innovations and infrastructure from Cumulus Networks.

Evaluating new technologies can be time consuming.

Cumulus in the Cloud is a personal virtual data center that provides a low-effort way to learn how web-scale technologies improve network designs and operations. Your virtual data center consists of two racks with two dual-homed servers connected with a leaf-spine network. The infrastructure can be personalized with Mesos/Marathon or OpenStack as well as left unconfigured as a "blank slate".

You can access your data center via web browser to:

  • Directly interact with the elements with the jump server console
  • Access the Cumulus NetQ telemetry server and Mesos/OpenStack user interface
  • Get started exploring Cumulus Networks technologies in a solution-oriented deployment

Why Cumulus in the Cloud?

Piggy bank


Get to know Cumulus Linux, Cumulus NetQ and open networking principles

Tech Support


Everything you need for a virtual proof of concept so you can see web-scale technology at work



Follow a few suggested first steps and then experiment to your heart’s content

Learn more about Cumulus in the Cloud