The purchase process

5 steps to purchase & deploy Cumulus Linux

The process of designing your data center network can be complex — understandably so, to ensure it’s designed for the complexities of your business. By standardizing your technology with Cumulus Linux, you’ll find your network is more manageable and efficient than ever. As you work towards deployment of our technology, we suggest following these five simplified steps.

Step 1: Explore

Learn about modern networking

Learn the principles, tactics and common terminology involved in web-scale networking with Cumulus Networks. Head to our Getting Started page to review useful topics.

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Step 2: Try

Download & prototype for free

Plan, prototype and explore Cumulus Linux with our virtual appliance — Cumulus VX. If questions arise, join a comprehensive training session for hands-on tutorials.

Download Cumulus VX

Step 3: Evaluate

Choose disaggregated or turnkey

With over 50+ hardware platforms to choose from, including Cumulus Express, enjoy the freedom of choosing open switch hardware, optics and applications based on your needs and your budget.

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Step 4: Deploy

Purchase a Cumulus Linux license & consulting services

From discovery, training, deployment and scale, Cumulus Networks is here for you every step of the way. We offer several different services to get you up and running with a modern, web-scale network.

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Step 5: Expand

Optimize, expand and scale

Validate designs, confirm configurations and start thinking about how to scale and optimize. Contact your sales team to get support and do a health check.

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