Cumulus RMP

With Cumulus RMP, you can leverage all the flexibility and efficiency of Cumulus Linux on an out-of-band management, Cumulus Express switch.

Why choose Cumulus RMP


Ready to go

RMP is ready to go out of the box when you purchase a Cumulus Express out-of-band switch.

Server upload

Consistent interface

Deploy and configure out-of-band platforms just as you do for data plane platforms and servers

Lock Shield

Automation ease

Configure and maintain the platform using any automation tool

What you get with Cumulus RMP



With ISC-DHCP and DNSmasq pre-installed, you can offer local DHCP configuration for connected hosts.


IPMItool & vncproxy

Provision, configure and access the local servers independent of the rest of the out-of-band network.


TFTP & NTP server

Your servers can locally boot regardless of the wider network connectivity.


The best of Cumulus Linux

Leverage the same architecture, foundation and user experience found in Cumulus Linux.

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