Host Pack

Bringing the host to the network for fabric-wide visibility + connectivity

Software essentials for the host enabling web-scale networking for containers, microservices and more

Bridging the gap between network and host

Host Pack brings the host to the network, synthesizing the network fabric from end to end with the same language, the same tooling and granular visibility.

Eliminating the challenges with container networking

Containers have become a popular way to manage applications and microservices, but they’ve introduced new challenges. With Host Pack, those challenges disintegrate.

The short-lived but accessible nature of containers makes them difficult to identify and track, while also making them easy to mistakenly put on untrusted network segments.

Host Pack offers granular visibility

for faster troubleshooting. Easily identify vulnerabilities with precise visibility of each container and port.

Using containers at scale with tools traditionally used only by DevOps teams creates roadblocks and performance delays.

Host Pack offers simplified connectivity.

It dynamically learns about containers and distribute addresses throughout the network to ensure predictable performance.

Traditional network architectures and manual deployment methods aren’t suited for the fleeting nature of containers and microservices.

Host Pack offers simplification of the network

by unifying the stack with one language, the same tooling and cohesive reporting — the entire network becomes easier to manage.

What you'll get with Host Pack:

Unprecedented visibility

By using the power of NetQ on the hosts, Host Pack provides per-service visibility into the entire infrastructure's network — including containers and hosts. Access all network reporting in a single, unified console.

Host Pack monitors:

  • Identity. Track and locate container IP, MAC address, name, image and more.
  • Port mapping. Identify and track containers exposing a specific protocol and port pair on a network.
  • Relationships. Access data on container connections and adjacency, and know which containers can be affected by a top-of-rack switch.

Robust connectivity

Host Pack uses an open source routing protocol, FRRouting, to enable BGP unnumbered on the host — enabling mobility and resiliency in container networking. You can now unify your entire fabric from host to layer 3.

Host Pack provides:

  • Routing. Dynamically advertises & redistributes container IP addresses to the network.
  • Simplification. Eliminates complexities & performance impact of layer 2 network overlay.
  • Synthesis. Extends layer 3 network from the core to the container unifying protocols and tools throughout the entire data center.

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