Improve network uptime with unparalleled fabric validation

NetQ is a telemetry-based fabric validation system that ensures the network is behaving as intended

Bringing web-scale efficiencies to data center operations

With the rise of web-scale technology, data center networks are becoming more automated, agile and scalable. Until now, the operations team was left with tools that were reactive and manual — slowing down web-scale initiatives and preventing innovation. NetQ works seamlessly with Cumulus Linux to offer closed-loop, fabric-wide validation with preventative, proactive and diagnostic workflows to ensure the network is behaving as intended.

Why choose NetQ

NetQ, a telemetry-based fabric validation system, ensures your network is behaving exactly as you intended. Move at the speed your business demands, innovate with confidence and reduce downtime. Bring web-scale efficiencies to network operations.


with a closed-loop process and faster remediation


& save your business money


by detecting issues early & streamlining processes


across the network — from host to switch

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NetQ brings you:

Preventative workflows to validate configuration while rolling out in production. Innovate with confidence.

Proactive alerts for quick remediation. NetQ detects faulty network state and alerts you in real time with precise fault location.

Diagnostic analysis of fabric-wide events. It's as if you had a time machine, so you can “go back in time” to replay network state for exact root-cause analysis.

Fabric-wide network validation of the entire stack including access to data from layer 1, network topologies, protocols and host environments.

A single console with data from every switch on one single screen. Delegate access to infrastructure operators and application owners so they can analyze the network easily.

Algorithmic functionality using check, show and trace commands so you can easily automate throughout the entire stack.

Seamless integration with existing tools and workflows for change management, CI/CD and automation.

Web-scale efficiencies through designing, building and operating data center networks, together with Cumulus Linux.

Behind the architecture

NetQ’s closed-loop fabric validation system works seamlessly with your existing network architecture to provide an automated solution for network operators. This networking setup prevents errors, provides proactive alerts, and quickly diagnoses problems to minimize risks

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