Achieve end-to-end actionable insight from the host to the switch

Upgrade your network operations from a manual, reactive, box-by-box approach to one that is automated, informed and agile

With the onset of web-scale initiatives, microservices, containers, big data, virtual machines and more, changes to the network happen constantly. If there’s ever a connection problem, the impact is significant. Yet trying to identify what went wrong in this virtual, ephemeral network is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Cumulus NetQ reduces network operational complexity by providing actionable insight into every trace and hop in the Linux-based data center — from the container, virtual machine or host, all the way to the switch and port. With NetQ, you can validate network designs and simplify troubleshooting with real-time insight to Linux networking
events across the modern data center.

Why choose NetQ

With its focus to help operationalize Cumulus Linux, Cumulus NetQ is designed to run on any Linux operating system or application across the data center — like Ubuntu, CentOS and RedHat — expanding visibility from the Linux-based switch to the Linux-based hosts and containers. The metadata it collects across these elements ensures visibility and intelligence in the health of the network, making sure everything is behaving as intended.

NetQ is unique in this capability since it is the only telemetry agent in the market that is integrated with container orchestrators and the Netlink interface to the Linux Kernel, which provides real-time access to Linux networking events across the routed fabric. Using Cumulus NetQ advances network operations to drive CI/CD, web-scale initiatives through an automated and intelligent approach.

Improve Uptime


Deep packet tracing validates that you have the true end-to-end connectivity you expected.

Reduce Complexity


Receive event notifications via Slack or Pager Duty so that any part of the IT team can be alerted and start troubleshooting.

Increase Agility


All networking events are time-stamped, so you can ID all historical changes to pinpoint issues.

Get Visibility


Remove blind-spots by running a single Show, Trace or Check command to troubleshoot the entire network, from any location.

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NetQ brings networking with S.O.U.L.


Preventative workflows to validate configuration while rolling out in production. Innovate with confidence.

Proactive alerts for quick remediation. NetQ detects faulty network state and alerts you in real time with precise fault location.

Diagnostic analysis of fabric-wide events. It's as if you had a time machine, so you can “go back in time” to replay network state for exact root-cause analysis.


Get deep insights into the Linux Kernel networking events because NetQ interfaces with Netlink directly into the LInux Kernel.

Work across all 70+ switch devices that run Cumulus Linux and across all the major Linux-based hosts, including REHL, CentOS, and and Ubuntu.


Use your laptop or any console to get insight and data from across the fabric on a single screen.

Query the entire stack from layer 1, network topologies, protocols and host environments using check, show and trace commands so you can easily identify issues from the container to the switch.

Integrates with major container orchestration engines such as Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.


End-to-end packet tracing across the routed fabric.

Seamless integration with existing Linux tools and workflows like Ansible and Puppet for change management, CI/CD and automation.

Web-scale efficiencies through designing, building and operating data centers based upon Linux.

Behind the architecture

Cumulus NetQ enables organizations to operate with a greater ability to 1) validate the network is working as intended, 2) quickly troubleshoot any network issue through rollback change analysis, 3) determine the impact of the issue, and 4) trace network paths to quickly pinpoint the actual cause of the problem.

Without this deep visibility, you can’t operate your network intelligently. With Cumulus NetQ, you obtain holistic, collaborative, actionable insight into every change or issue. Your network doesn’t stop at your top of rack switch; your visibility or troubleshooting boundary shouldn’t either.

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