Cumulus NetQ

Holistic, real-time visibility and troubleshooting of your modern data center network

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Cumulus NetQ and NetQ Cloud

Cumulus® NetQ is a highly-scalable, modern network operations tool set that provides visibility into your overlay and underlay networks in real-time. NetQ delivers actionable insights and operational intelligence about the health of your data center — from the container, virtual machine, or host, all the way to the switch and port, enabling a NetDevOps approach.

NetQ is also available as a cloud service, with 24x7 secure access, making it even easier to install, deploy and scale your network. Just like Cumulus NetQ deployed in your premises, real-time data collection and fabric-wide performance analysis are available through the cloud service.

NetQ GUI visibility into network and host”

How Cumulus NetQ/Cloud works

Using agents on the switches and hosts, NetQ is able to collect telemetry data across the entire network.

A full NetDevOps workflow

As a central control point, NetQ stores and processes the information to provide actionable insight and complete visibility.


The rich, GUI-based interface simplifies operations and increases efficiency by quickly highlighting issues and alerts.


Why choose Cumulus NetQ/Cloud

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Gain real-time intelligence

Correlate configuration and operational status, instantly identify and track state changes for your entire data center

Smart Watch

Reduce downtime

With quick alerts, faster troubleshooting and proactive detection

Alarm Bell

Remediate faster

Detect faulty network states and get alerts with precise fault location data

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Remove complexity

Rich graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies operations and increases operator efficiency by quickly highlighting issues through visualizations and alerts

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Diagnose root causes

Trace network paths, replay the network state at a time in the past, review fabric-wide event change logs, and diagnose the root cause of state deviation

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Simplified scalability

With network-wide visibility into every switch and router, scaling your Cumulus Linux network has never been easier

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What you get with Cumulus NetQ/Cloud

NetQ GUI screenshot - Network health NetQ GUI screenshot - Validation request NetQ GUI screenshot - New trace request NetQ GUI screenshot - Events/Alarms

Rich GUI-based interface provides real-time visualization about the health of your network.

Reduce manual errors before they are rolled into production.

Trace network paths, replay past network state, review fabric-wide event change logs, and diagnose root-cause of state deviations.

Detect faulty network states and alerts the user with precise fault location.

A NetDevOps approach to data center operations

Listen as our VP of Engineering and Product Management, Partho Mishra, discusses the three fundamental capabilities of the new Cumulus NetQ.

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