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Download the report to see how our customers saved thousands of dollars by lowering their TCO with web-scale networking.

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Download the TCO Report to compare web-scale networking with Cumulus vs. traditional networking

By the year 2020, it is expected that over 40% of enterprises will have a web-scale networking initiative*. This rapid adoption can be contributed to businesses' increasing dependence on their data centers, while experiencing reduced IT budgets to address their business needs.

View the report to learn how our customers have saved an average of 45% on CapEx and approximately 74% on OpEx by adopting web-scale networking with Cumulus Linux. You’ll learn how we modeled our TCO calculator on the actual production path our customers took to build an agile and economically scalable data center.

*Gartner "Bring Web­Scale Networking Concepts to Your Data Center", Joe Skorupa & Andrew Lerner, November 2016