An open approach for transport, switching and routing.

Transforming the data center
interconnect of today

Voyager is the industry’s first open packet optical platform — unifying IP and optical to massively reduce complexity and costs.


Eliminating the challenges of legacy infrastructure

In the past, the hardware and software solutions for the data center interconnect space have been inflexible and costly. With the boom of digital innovation, these organizations need more bandwidth and flexibility in their data center interconnect solutions — and they need it to be cost efficient. Voyager is the answer.

Voyager solves the industry's most pressing problems: 

Our solution: Voyager is the industry’s first disaggregated solution. So you can now purchase white-box hardware and run Cumulus Linux — saving you thousands.

Our solution: Voyager combines the speed and long distance connectivity of DWDM optics with IP packet technologies for Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking protocols and features. That means you can leverage all the benefits of open networking in the DCI space.

Our solution: Voyager includes DWDM transponders with 100G/200Gbps speeds over optical transmissions — you can plan for the business of tomorrow, today.

Our solution: Voyager merges an optical transport box with a leaf switch — all in one. This completely eliminates the need to procure a separate DWDM box and switch for the interconnect sites.

What you'll get with Voyager

Powerful hardware...

  • Versatile DWDM interfaces Software-defined coherent 200G DWDM optics for optimizing capacity vs. reach trade-offs
  • Completely open QSFP28 client ports
  • Fully integrated into ADVA’s open optical-layer FSP
  • Advanced switching and routing
  • Complemented by a high-capacity Layer 2 forwarding engine and Layer 3 routing capabilities
  • Fully supported for peace of mind

With the benefits of Cumulus Linux

  • Flexible open architecture that allows you to customize your network and scale seamlessly
  • Complete standardization with Linux across the entire data center, you’ll reduce complexities and get complete interoperability
  • Built for the automation age — Enjoy networking that’s consistent and repeatable
  • L2/L3 networking stack
  • The world’s most flexible open network operating system, Cumulus Linux

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