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Independence from L2 data centers

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Network Architecture for the Modern Data Center

Modern data centers are increasingly adopting layer 3 Clos designs. With the Cumulus Networks Routing on the Host solution, customers can now configure hosts to participate in the layer 3 routing fabric. Installing the Cumulus Networks enhanced Quagga package on the hosts unifies the data center with an all layer 3 fabric, enabling greater simplicity, flexibility and increased reliability.

Reduce Complexity and Increase Freedom

Layer 2 architecture suffers from large broadcast and failure domains, spanning tree (STP) challenges and the need for proprietary protocols like MLAG for redundancy. Routing on the Host, using standard IP protocols such as OSPF or BGP, allows hosts to advertise their IP addresses directly into the routing domain, separating the host IP from the rack where it physically resides, thus enabling IP mobility.

Enhance Redundancy and Flexibility

Routing on the Host allows customers to have an unlimited number of leaf switches attached to a node, providing increased redundancy and reliability over MLAG solutions as bandwidth to a host is reduced by 1/N, and not by 50%. Routing on the Host enables Anycast load balancing for stateless services such as DNS and NTP across multiple servers in the data center without the need to deploy expensive external load balancers.

What Customers Say

"Using Cumulus Networks enhanced Routing on the Host allowed us to eliminate MLAG and spanning tree in our environment, while still providing redundancy to the host. Cumulus Quagga’s OSPF unnumbered gave us network agility, making it a core functionality for us. Deploying Routing on the Host with Cumulus Quagga improved our overall system availability while allowing simpler operation and troubleshooting."

Saverio Proto

Cloud Operator

Simon Leinen

Cloud Architect

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Campaign Monitor
"The Cumulus Networks Routing on the Host solution is the next piece in the Open Networking puzzle. It has enabled Campaign Monitor to greatly improve the availability of critical services across our network. The biggest benefits are the addition of Quagga BGP unnumbered and the elimination of layer 2 technologies such as MLAG, FHRP and STP."

Tynan Young

Sr. Network Engineer

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"When inspiration strikes, the Shapeways community expects our 3D printing service and marketplace to be operational and accessible. Deploying Routing on the Host with Cumulus Quagga enabled us to design a complete layer 3 data center using BGP unnumbered. Eliminating layer 2 bridging is important for network reliability and ensures our production environment is ready to span a hybrid cloud."

Martín Beauchamp

Site Reliability Engineer

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