Cumulus Networks Solutions


Cumulus Linux is the first full-featured Linux Networking OS for modern data centers. A key ingredient to a modern data center is automation. Automation is easy to set up and implement with Cumulus Linux, allowing you to take advantage of the latest Linux applications and automation tools that have been serving the compute world for years. By extending a standardized automation toolset from your ...
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Big Data

Hadoop is one of the most disruptive innovations in enterprise IT, and its use is extending from high-performance computing and research organizations to enterprises setting up cloud environments. Hadoop is an open source project that offers a powerful distributed platform to store and manage big data. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is designed to be a scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed storage system that works closely with ...
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Converged Infrastructure

Enterprise IT infrastructure is evolving from a legacy, vendor-driven, three-tiered approach to a Web-scale IT model that relies on software. Storage-based software solutions manage flexible x86-based scale-out hardware resources that bundle compute, memory, and storage into each node.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure is a transformational approach that combines simplicity and scale-out by eliminating dedicated storage nodes, yet provides data resiliency via distributed storage software. By coupling Cumulus ...
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Monitoring & Analytics

Modern Data centers are are a Grand Central of information. Network Architects designing Data Centers on web-IT methodology would prefer to have the ability to monitor everything and have a self -healing proactive network, resulting in a simple, converged and controlled environment. Cumulus Linux's open framework creates a very transparent and easy platform for partners and customers to leverage third party agents, build extensions, make ...
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Network Virtualization

Cumulus Linux drives the bare metal networking paradigm by leveraging industry standard hardware and the advancements in merchant silicon. With the interest in overlays and customers demanding workload mobility, a centralized pane of glass for managing virtualized and non-virtualized workloads has become essential. Software overlays have been unable to address all workloads and the limited visibility from overlays into physical networks make it hard to ...
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In the last decade, VMware transformed the compute environment with virtualization, which later extended beyond servers to include storage, application and now network virtualization. VMware allowed disaggregation of server hardware and software that radically improved provisioning speed and economics.

With Cumulus Linux and disaggregation of software from the network hardware (a.k.a Open Networking), speed and economy of the data center network and applications running on ...
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