Simplify the Network with Ansible & Cumulus Linux

SOLUTION OVERVIEW: Ansible + Cumulus Linux

Customers have long seen the benefits of automation for their compute workloads and applications. Coupling automation and orchestration via Ansible with zero touch provisioning from Cumulus Linux, you can quickly provision and configure network devices and hosts, automate repetitive tasks reliably, enable continuous deployment of critical applications, and scale out your infrastructure from 10s to 1000s of systems. Ansible runs in an agentless manner using SSH, so it fits into your existing security profiles, and uses a simple language to build Ansible playbooks that allow your automation to be described in a way that resembles plain English.

See how a networking dude does Docker networking with Ansible and Cumulus Linux.

  • Cumulus Linux exposes IT automation as native Linux, expanding the capabilities of what can be accomplished together with Ansible.
  • Cumulus Networks' full-featured Linux OS can be fully configured with standard Ansible playbooks, removing the need for disparate network configuration toolsets and processes.
  • Ansible Tower brings this together into an easy to use UI with an added REST API, bringing the power of Ansible and Cumulus Linux to the entire admin team via one consistent interface.

The integration of Ansible and Cumulus Linux brings the benefits and cost savings of automation and orchestration to networking infrastructure, allowing for the scaling and management of the data center as a whole.

Joint Collateral

Download the Ansible — Cumulus Networks Solution Brief

For a quick demo of what some of the capabilities are please take a minute to watch the video below:

Solution Center

A demo is available on the Cumulus Workbench for customers to test and see the functionality of Ansible with Cumulus Linux.

If interested, please sign up for the evaluation on the Cumulus Workbench: Test Drive Cumulus Workbench.

The Cumulus Networks knowledge base has a few articles on Ansible:

Learn more about automation using Ansible with Cumulus Linux

Joint Webinar

Here's a recording of an interesting webinar that was conducted jointly with Ansible and Cumulus Networks.

Here's the PDF Download or the content presented at the webinar.


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