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Hadoop is one of the most disruptive innovations in enterprise IT, and its use is extending from high-performance computing and research organizations to enterprises setting up cloud environments. Hadoop is an open source project that offers a powerful distributed platform to store and manage big data. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is designed to be a scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed storage system that works closely with MapReduce on commodity servers. Cumulus Networks shares this vision of having network infrastructure run on standard open networking hardware, and supports the Hadoop environment with Cumulus Linux, the networking operating system for open networking.

With multi-tier scale-out IP Clos fabric designs supported through Cumulus Linux, the network infrastructure enables large data sets to be transferred and processed rapidly, thus making it ideal for clustering applications such as Hadoop.

Specific features like rack awareness, minimal data motion, utilities, rollback and Standby NameNode ensure that the Hadoop clusters are highly functional and highly available; in addition, they are enhanced by several Cumulus Linux features.

Manageability has become a key expectation from Hadoop users. Hadoop has made great advances with Ambari, which enables the automation of initial installation, rolling upgrades without service disruption, high availability and disaster recovery — all of which are critical to efficient IT operations.

With Cumulus Linux, there are a variety of toolsets you can leverage for automating the complete infrastructure stack through zero touch provisioning, thus integrating easily into the user models of typical Hadoop deployments.

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    “Hortonworks provides the strategic data platform and the world-class expertise to enable modern data architecture deployments with Hadoop. This modern architecture relies on seamless connectivity across large cluster of nodes and Cumulus Networks provides the affordable capacity, the automation tools and the open platform to address the new blueprint.”

    -- John Kreisa, Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Hortonworks

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