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SOLUTION OVERVIEW: Apache Hadoop + Cumulus Linux

Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) enables Enterprise Hadoop: the full suite of essential Hadoop capabilities that are required by the enterprise and that serve as the functional definition of any data platform technology. This comprehensive set of capabilities is aligned to the following functional areas: Data Management, Data Access, Data Governance and Integration, Security, and Operations. YARN is the data operating system of Hadoop that enables you to process data simultaneously in multiple ways. YARN provides the resource management and pluggable architecture for enabling a wide variety of data access methods.

In this use case, we explain how Cumulus Linux can be a natural extension as the Network Operating System for the large hadoop deployments with HDP.

Cumulus Networks employs the web-scale approach to managing large clusters, including several automation tools that displays a single pane of glass for servers, network and storage. This open-source mechanism auto-discovers and configures new nodes as they enter and leave the cluster dynamically.

Please take a few minutes to view the blueprint deployment guides, solution overviews and the videos listed below to help you take that next step towards how you can extend Open Networking for enhancing your Big Data applications.

Wondering about the difference between the open source hadoop and the hortonworks platform. Here's a snapshot:


If you're building large scalable Hadoop Clusters, then see how leveraging Cumulus Linux improves your experience through this quick video:

Solution Overview

Learn about how the network architecture with Cumulus Linux can help automate your Big Data applications with this Solution Overview.

Validated Design Guide

Download the latest reference architecture of Cumulus Linux for accelerating your large scale Big Data deployments . You should benefit from the implementation guidelines, validated topologies and the complete blueprint to help you migrate whether you're considering a brownfield or greenfield deployment: Download the Big-Data-Cumulus-Linux-Validated-Design-Guide.pdf.

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Try it yourself! Get your hands-on time for testing Cumulus Linux with Apache Hadoop at no risk or investment with our Cumulus Workbench.

Here's a link to the Knowledge Base article to help you implement the Big Data design guide on Cumulus Workbench.


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