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We know that a web-scale network is built with the help of smart people, processes and teams. That’s why Cumulus Networks Global Support Services (GSS) is available 24/7 to provide our customers with world-class support. Through GSS, our customers can leverage a full range of services including online support tools, access to the Cumulus Networks Global Support Center and coordination between hardware and software partners. We are here to make sure our customers and partners can easily manage Cumulus Networks solutions.

Support plans overview

Our support plans vary among Cumulus Networks products. When getting started with Cumulus Networks, be sure to look into the support policy that specifically applies to the products you’ve purchased. No matter which path you choose, Cumulus Networks GSS is here to help.

  • Cumulus Linux is licensed per switch. The license includes support and maintenance of the software. As long as you have an active license with Cumulus Networks, you'll have access to a range of support options.
  • Cumulus Host Pack is licensed per leaf switch. Host Pack is sold with a combination of license and support subscription (1YR, 3YR and 5YR options).  Host Pack is required to enable the NetQ agent on hosts for container visibility and enhanced container connectivity. Host Pack also contains FRR on the Host which can be run independently of NetQ.
  • Cumulus NetQ is licensed per NetQ server. NetQ is currently sold with a combination of license and support subscription (1YR, 3YR and 5YR options).  NetQ has one set of SKUs for fixed form switches and one set of SKUs for modular chassis switches.
  • Cumulus Express comes preloaded and licensed with Cumulus Linux. The same exact software support applies to Cumulus Express customers, as well as a 3-year hardware warranty with the exception of RMP 1-year hardware warranty.

Support plans in detail

To give customers the flexibility to pick the right support options on their hardware and software, we defined our support packages as follows.

Software support

Support for Cumulus Linux comes bundled with the license to use the software. Terms of use can be on an annual, 3-year or 5-year basis. Whether it’s the weekend, a holiday or the middle of the night, we provide 24/7 support that includes:

  • Access to the Cumulus Networks online support tools
  • Access to support personnel
  • Access to downloads and software updates

It is simple to contact our support team:

Hardware support

Our support policy covers hardware support for Cumulus Express. Cumulus Express comes in three different hardware types: 

  • Fixed-configuration Cumulus Express switches (excluding RMP): the hardware warranty and return-to-factory for service or replacement period is three years. If you would like an extended warranty, you can purchase one or two years of hardware service at the time of purchase. 
  • Modular or chassis-based Cumulus Express systems: the hardware warranty and return-to-factory for service or replacement period is three years. The period is the same for associated field-replaceable units (FRUs). If you would like an extended warranty, you can purchase one or two years of hardware service at the time of purchase. 
  • Cumulus Express RMP (Rack management platform): the hardware warranty and return-to-factory for service or replacement period is one year. If you would like an extended warranty, you can purchase one, two, three or four years of hardware service at the time of purchase. 

Read the full Cumulus Express warranty policy here. For information on Cumulus Express pluggables, see “Transceiver and cable support,” below. 

What about bare metal hardware that isn’t Cumulus Express certified? 

Even if you did not purchase Cumulus Express hardware, our support team is still here to help. All other hardware goes through a standard RMA services through the appropriate hardware partner, but the GSS team is available to facilitate the process. Cumulus Networks can help communicate root cause analysis with the hardware partner, and then close the loop when the new hardware is in place in order to validate that the issue requiring RMA has been resolved. Cumulus Linux licenses are transferable between hardware platforms. Therefore, customers running Cumulus Linux can enact a 'zero hour' sparing policy. If a hardware device fails, Cumulus Networks GSS can help you get a new device up and running.

Transceiver and cable support

The Cumulus Networks Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) provides a list of recommended transceivers and cables for each platform. That list identifies the first Cumulus Linux version that provided support for each module.

All Cumulus Express modules are supported by Cumulus Linux on all platforms that are capable of using them. These modules are qualified by Cumulus Engineering. For Cumulus Express pluggables, cables, DACs, AOCs and transceivers, the hardware warranty is one year.

In special circumstances, Cumulus Engineering may undertake qualification of a module on specific systems. That module would then be supported on future versions of Cumulus Linux.

For more about the policy, read this knowledge base article.

Premium support

Customers have an option to purchase expanded support services called Premium GSS. This premium support offering is designed for networks that have up to 1,000 switches that have Cumulus Linux installed as the network operating system. Customers receive all of the benefits of standard support services with a few added benefits including:

  • Increased service level agreements, for faster response times
  • A designated, named engineer who will respond to queries during business hours
  • Hardware partner liaison services which facilitate returns (RMAs) in the case of hardware defects or issues, eliminating the need to transact cases through multiple parties
  • Review and update sessions

    • Quarterly detailed network review
    • Semi-annual detailed support review
    • Yearly roadmap session with the Cumulus product tea

Severity levels and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

If you do find yourself needing support from the GSS team, we know that time is almost always a concern. In order to provide our customers with world-class service, we provide transparent SLA scopes and times, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

All cases are prioritized according to their impact on the customer and based on industry-standard definitions. Four normal support levels are offered — Severity 1 through Severity 4. Severity 5 is also available for issues that fall outside of normal support scope of coverage. During troubleshooting, priority can be either upgraded or downgraded at the customer’s request. The below SLA times indicate expected initial response time from a GSS engineer. Total resolution time will vary depending on complexity of the solution.

Severity Description SLA
Severity 1 (Urgent) A Severity 1 problem is a catastrophic problem that may severely impact the customer’s ability to conduct business. This may mean that the customer’s systems and/or products are down or not functioning and no procedural workaround exists. 30 minutes
Severity 2 (High) A Severity 2 problem is a high-impact problem in which the customer’s operation is disrupted but there is capacity to remain productive and maintain necessary business-level operations. 2 hours
Severity 3 (Normal) A Severity 3 problem is a medium-to-low impact problem that involves partial loss of non-critical functionality. The problem impairs some operations but allows the customer to continue to function. 8 business hours
Severity 4 (Low) This service level has minimal system impact, and usually amounts to feature requests and other non-critical questions. 12 business hours
Severity 5 (Other) This service level is for issues and requests that fall outside of normal scope of support coverage. As mutually agreed*

* Professional Services are available to provide additional support for non-standard support environments or requests.

Premium support:

Severity Standard support SLA Premium support SLA
Severity 1 (Urgent) 30 minutes 10 minutes
Severity 2 (High) 2 hours 30 minutes
Severity 3 (Normal) 8 business hours 4 business hours
Severity 4 (Low) 12 business hours 8 business hours

Scope of coverage

Cumulus Linux is a fully-supported Linux distribution based on Debian. In order to expedite Cumulus Networks’ ability to diagnose and resolve product issues, log files, config files or cl-support files from the Cumulus Linux device may be requested. If you do file a request, keep in mind the items that are in scope for normal support, and items that are out of scope or require an additional fee. 

In scope:

  • Troubleshooting:

    • Problem analysis/diagnosis

    • Bug fixes

  • Questions related to:

    • Installation

    • Configuration

    • Usage

Out of scope: 

  • Consulting services

    • Design

    • Development

    • Deployment

    • Training

  • Cumulus Linux Early Access features deployed in a production environment

  • Modified packages

  • Modification of automation scripts

  • Third-party software and drivers

  • Packages included to satisfy dependencies or "incidental inclusions" when deployed as standalone items

  • Community projects

  • Some scenarios using Cumulus VX. View full policy here.

Online support portal

Cumulus Networks has a wide variety of online support materials that will answer most of your questions. Through the Cumulus Networks Support Portal, customers have unlimited access to:

  • Support case creation, updates and file uploads

  • Software releases and updates

  • Release notes, white papers and service bulletins

  • Knowledgebase articles