Support overview


Cumulus Networks Global Support Services (GSS) provide world-class support and services to help our customers and partners fully leverage the power of Cumulus Linux. We provide a full range of enterprise support services that include access to the Cumulus Networks Global Support Center and online support tools 24/7, advanced RMA for our selected hardware partners, and even onsite support for enterprise customers. We are here to make sure our customers and partners can quickly and easily manage and troubleshoot solutions from Cumulus Networks.

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Support Plans

Cumulus Linux is sold on a perpetual license model with support and subscription (SnS). The support and subscription portion provides access to our support team and ongoing updates to the software. One exception is our Routing on the Host solution that is sold on a subscription model and includes support, subscription and license rights in the annual subscription.

Software Support

Support for Cumulus Linux comes bundled with the license to use the software. Terms of use can be on an annual, 3 or 5 year basis. We provide 24/7 support, including weekends and holidays:

  • 24/7 access to the Cumulus Networks online support tools.
  • Access to support personnel 24/7.
  • 24/7 access to downloads and software updates.

Hardware Support Options

Cumulus Networks rely on our hardware vendors to provide standard RMA services. Cumulus Networks will always work closely with both the hardware vendor and the customer to ensure a successful RMA. It should also be noted that Cumulus Linux licenses are transferrable between hardware platforms; therefore, customers running Cumulus Linux can enact a 'zero hour' sparing policy. If a hardware device fails, Cumulus Networks GSS can help you get a new device up and running.

Severity Levels and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

All cases are prioritized according to their impact on the customer, and based on industry-standard definitions. Four levels are offered—Severity 1 through Severity 4. In addition, a Severity 5 for issues that fall outside of normal support scope of coverage. During troubleshooting, priority can be either upgraded or downgraded at the customer’s request.

Severity Description SLA
Severity 1 (Urgent) A Severity 1 problem is a catastrophic problem that may severely impact the customer’s ability to conduct business. This may mean that the customer’s systems and/or product are down or not functioning and no procedural workaround exists. 30 minutes
Severity 2 (High) A Severity 2 problem is a high-impact problem in which the customer’s operation is disrupted but there is capacity to remain productive and maintain necessary business-level operations. 2 hours
Severity 3 (Normal) A Severity 3 problem is a medium-to-low impact problem that involves partial loss of non-critical functionality. The Problem impairs some operations but allows the customer to continue to function. 8 business hours
Severity 4 (Low) This service level has minimal system impact, and usually amounts to feature requests and other noncritical questions. 12 business hours
Severity 5 (Other) This service level is for issues and request that fall outside of normal scope of support coverage As mutually agreed*

* Professional Services are available to provide additional support for non-standard support environments or requests.

Scope of Coverage

Cumulus Linux is a fully supported Linux distribution based on Debian. We stand behind our shipped software. In order to expedite Cumulus Networks’ ability to diagnose and resolve product issues, log files, config files and / or cl-support files from the Cumulus Linux device may be requested.

In Scope for GSS

  • Installation
  • Usage
  • Configuration
  • Diagnosis
  • Bug fixes

Out of Scope for GSS

  • Modified packages
  • Third-party software/drivers and uncertified configurations
  • Community projects upon which enterprise releases are based
  • Code development
  • System and network design1
  • Cumulus Extras/Supplementary
  • Optional repository/channel
  • Technology preview features
  • Packages included to satisfy dependencies or "incidental inclusions" when deployed as standalone items
  • On Site Support2
  • Product Training1
  1. Professional Services are available for training as well as architecture and design efforts
  2. Professional Services and layered offerings are available for dedicated, named and / or onsite services

Online Support Portal

Cumulus Networks has a wide verity variety of online support materials that will answer most of your questions. Through the Cumulus Networks Support Portal, customers have unlimited access to:

  • Support case creation, updates and file uploads
  • Software releases and updates
  • Release notes, white papers and service bulletins
  • Knowledgebase articles